Sunday, March 9, 2014

More adventures from our remote sensing field trip

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to tour the Decagon Devices facilities where the radiometers I’m basing a lesson plan around are made. All I can say is what a facility! From research and development to a machine shop that would make any shop geek drool, Decagon Devices has my recognition as a GREAT company. They care about their employees and it shows in their products.
Gracious enough to give us his time on this day was Plant Canopy Manager Dr. Steven Garrity. After a full tour of the facility, we took some time to talk more about what we’re doing at MOSS and how we use their products. We also talked about doing a video collaboration with Decagon later this year to show how their devices are being used by middle school and high school students, and that they aren’t just for grad students and other professionals. Steve seemed very excited with what we’re doing and even offered to donate some radiometers to MOSS to help us further our research and lessons. Thank you Steve!

After our meeting with Steve, he invited us to the company lunch that goes on every Wednesday, put on by their onsite chef. Pot roast, pork n beans, corn, salad and tiramisu…. Yum! After lunch we hit the road and cruised over to Seattle. Did it rain on the drive you ask? Of course it did.Well that’s all for now. I’d like to say thanks again to Steve. It was an absolute pleasure and I lookforward to talking to you soon about the video this summer.


Dirk Jr.


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