Friday, February 12, 2010

We are making some changes to the REDDnet mirror of the Hazards Data Distribution System (HDDS) in an attempt to make REDDnet as much like HDDS as possible. The new procedures are included here. They have changed only slightly:

To access HDDS disaster_restricted data via REDDnet, proceed as follows:
Use a web browser to navigate to: ""

To access disaster_restricted data, log in with the disaster_restricted user name and password
double-click the disaster_restricted subdirectory (left side of the window)
double-click the the desired event, i.e. 201001_Earthquake_Haiti
continue navigating through the subdirectories to the desired data

To access public disaster data, select "browse files as guest.
double-click the "Disaster" subdirectory (left side of the window)
double-click "pub" and then= "data" subdirectories
continue navigating through the subdirectories to the desired data

Top download a file, click on it. Allow the request to access your computer (necessary to write files to your local disk)
A Java Web Start window will appear. Select the Output file location and number of connections.
Experiment for best performance. Connection values >20 are sometimes effective.
Optimal setting depends on network connection, CPU, etc.
Click the check boxes on several files and select "Download" under the "Operation:" pull down menu to download several files at once. PLEASE DO NOT SELECT ANY OTHER OPERATION!
Performance should be up to 10 times faster than downloading from HDDS, but results will vary.


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